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Night Terror/There is no Escape MATT DAIO

Night Terror/There is no Escape MATT DAIO

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NIGHT TERROR! is the story of an aspiring musician, Matt Daio, who finds himself experiencing the resurgence of horrific night terrors from when he was a child, eventually coming to the unsettling realization that the nightmarish entity, known as The Demonolith™ is not just a dream. Fate forces Matt to confront his childhood fears to protect those he cares for. This comic is not only a story, but also a documentary of my process. Although there is much to the story that still has yet to unfold, the purpose of this pilot issue is to highlight some of the conceptual art affiliated with the story and to further spark potential interest among comic book fans. While the future will always be uncertain to all of us, I can assure you that the untold story between Matt and his encounter with The Demonolithwill certainly leave you with chills down your spine and a Night Terror of your own!

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